So we wrapped some L trains. As daily riders of the L train ourselves, we are very sensitive to how terribly wrong ads can go when trying to be contextual and cool. Like Vimeo itself, we wanted to take a common thing (in this case, subway ads; in general, video hosting) and imbue it with some sincerity, fun, color, humor, and quality. If we could make your commute better when inside these cars, then our message of a higher quality home for your videos would be clear.

Inside the trains you’ll see a mix of normal Vimeo messaging with some (hopefully funny) contextual ads. I know I had a blast watching this campaign come together with Tamara’s words and Anthony and Shawn’s beautiful colors and, most importantly, snakes.

If you see a Vimeo car (blue or snakes) snap a picture and tag it #snakesonatrain with your thoughts. I love seeing people’s reactions, many posted so far today. It’s a really cool feeling to wrap a thing I take everyday with the thing I work on every day.

Update: now with video

Quality — as in “fitness for purpose” — lives in the structure of a product. A lack of quality is a lack of structure, and a lack of structure is, ultimately, a lack of thought. One does not find a solid structure by following some simple method. We deepen the structure by deepening our thought on the product. Our role as designers is to put thought into things. And that’s why most websites, clients, and jobs suck, and will always suck. Everybody hates to think, because everybody hates to listen, everybody hates to reflect, and we all hate to use our imagination.