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Sep 18

“So designers must not only synthesize functionality and aesthetics, they must understand a consumer’s thought process and emotions in order to motivate behavior change.” — The Role of Design in Business - Businessweek

Sep 16

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Sep 15

(via New York Pictures - Camouflage Art Series)

(via New York Pictures - Camouflage Art Series)

Sep 10

Farting About Fashion -


In 2001, the iPod was a new entrant in a new space littered with false starts, attempting to disrupt a well-established product category. Using it necessitated owning a separate, more robust device as a hub. It would be the precursor to the iPhone six years later, which would eclipse its…


Sep 03


Aug 31

Really feeling this old school diner menu.  (at Alexis Diner)

Really feeling this old school diner menu. (at Alexis Diner)

Aug 22

Pregame. #skullfucklake2014 #3yearsblessed #live4everdie2night (at Cafe Mogador (Williamsburg))

Pregame. #skullfucklake2014 #3yearsblessed #live4everdie2night (at Cafe Mogador (Williamsburg))

Jul 25

“Quality — as in “fitness for purpose” — lives in the structure of a product. A lack of quality is a lack of structure, and a lack of structure is, ultimately, a lack of thought. One does not find a solid structure by following some simple method. We deepen the structure by deepening our thought on the product. Our role as designers is to put thought into things. And that’s why most websites, clients, and jobs suck, and will always suck. Everybody hates to think, because everybody hates to listen, everybody hates to reflect, and we all hate to use our imagination.” — Putting Thought Into Things | Information Architects

Jun 30