Huge in Spain (and Brazil, Thailand, and UAE)

Samsung revealed some stats on its App Store today and the numbers are impressive. 5 million downloads in just over a year. That might sound small compared to platforms like iPhone/iPad but consider that Samsung apps are only available on Samsung Internet-enabled TVs and Blu-Ray players.

Did you know there’s a Vimeo app for Samsung? The intelligent and beautiful folks in Spain, Brazil, Thailand, and the UAE sure do since it’s the top app in those countries (thanks!) Built alongside Vimeo’s Couch Mode the Samsung app shares a lot of the same UI and functionality. I bought a Samsung TV just so I could use the app at home. It’s the best way to catch up on videos I’ve added to my Watch Later queue and a big hit at parties.

I really enjoyed designing for a more “lean back” experience. I’m also thankful that Samsung allows such customization of apps on their platform. While a new concept to me, it’s my understanding that a lot of other countries have been using TV apps for years. With the rise of services like Apple TV and Boxee I’m very excited to see where this trend of Internet in your living room goes and with over 5 million downloads it looks like the future is now.

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